Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snow Day

No freebie here for you guys, just pure showing off & babbling. However, if you go check out the Stone Accents Newsletter there just might be a little goodie or two tucked away in there. You can get it here, or subscribe so that you are sure not to miss any future editions! Newsletters are a great way to keep up on who's got new kits out, who's got a sale, and they are always good for at least one freebie.

On to the actual showing off LOL. I did two LO's this week that I really love. Not just because they're of my kids, or even because they are with my kits, but because they celebrate the fact that we had a SNOW DAY here in sunny, warm North Carolina. Not just one snow day, not two, but three!

In five long, frozen, years in Minnesota we had zero snow days. Their equipment, their DOT was just that good. Here in NC, not so much. And while my kids whooped it up and had a great time... by day two I was so ready for the snow days to be over & the children to be returned to their regular scheduled programming.

Kit: Ice & Snow
Font: Karabiner, Denial & [ank]

Of course, these LO's were done on Day One. The happy day! The amazing wonder at the snow, the magically transformed "outside". My youngest especially was filled with wonder at all the white and I have to say "his" LO is one of my favorite ever.

Kit: Ice & Snow
Font: times new roman (date)
Frame template: Gunhild Storeide


Kel said...


These are great photos and layouts, we had a snow day the other week but still not sure WHY as there was NO snow......even though I complained about them being home this week, I really do want a snow day for the fun and photo ops!! Where in NC are you at? I went to school in Hickory and have friends in Winston-Salem.

The Hammers said...

I just found your blog through Scrappy Cocoa, who is also awesome! I love your style of scrapping and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Thanks for sharing your talents!