Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beauty Unsurpassed... SAS-y Entry Week 2

It is week two at Stone Accents Studio (SAS) Next Designer Contest. This week the contest revolved around a palette, and some additional requirements (such as include a quick page and at least two cluster elements). I struggled with these colors. It's funny because I've been struggling with these colors for a couple of months... it's the colors in my latest "piggy" photo above. Finally, in the middle of the night, I came up with my stab at this.

As per last week, the download links are listed on my entry at Stone Accents Studio and will remain only there until the end of the contest on October 1. However, registering is completely FREE! And not only do you get access to download my full Beauty Unsurpassed kit previewed above, you also get access to all the other designers full kits. FREE!

In the meantime, what my kit contains:

15 papers
  • 8 plain papers
  • 7 patterned papers
20 Elements -please note the element download includes the bonus paper shown in the preview
  • 1 big, floral shiny bow
  • 1 small, floral, knotted tie
  • 1 glitter frame
  • 1 glitter, bling flower
  • 1 flower border
  • 1 big flower flourish (previewed at 50%)
  • 1 corner flower flourish
  • 1 journaling element
  • 3 frames (previewed at 50%)
  • 8 flowers (previewed at 50%)
  • 1 word art:
"In my eyes your Beauty is unsurpassed"

  • 1 quickpage shown on the papers preview

Please note that all my designs are 300 dpi and sized for 12X12 digital scrapping needs. Unless specifically listed, none of the files come with drop shadows seen in the preview. And, as always now, please leave me comments, suggestions, helpful hints or thank you's! I'd also love to see any LO's done with my designs.

And, please, if you can, go VOTE FOR ME, link will be up Monday at 6, CST. (my design is: Beauty Unsurpassed ---- Piggyscraps) over at Stone Accents Studio.


Aquarius Scrapability said...

Hi hun,
Did you look those words up, or are you or you're parents dutch?

Flying Piggy said...

Me and my parents are both dutch... my dutch is a little suck-y especially written. I only went to school till de brugklas (in Apeldoorn). But my spoken is decent though American Accented.

Off to post this on your blog as well.