Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One more Debut Freebie...

You can skip all the babble & click on the FREEBIE to grab it from 4share! No hard feelings LOL. I was once a freebie hound myself. Thing is, I got tired of searching for just the right Freebie. Then I got tired of searching for just the right bit, in just right color with all the right everything else in the kit to justify digging into my paypal stash. So I started designing. Let me tell you, it rocks to have just the right bits, just the right papers for my photo's!

I do hope some of y'all out there are finding some of the right pieces for you in my designs as well. If not in my Freebie's, check out my store. And a little hint for you, digging around in my store (which, btw, is still totally tiny) and you'll find even better freebies than I list here on my blog!

Speaking of better freebies... it's almost Wednesday which means it's almost time for the SAS-y weekly newsletter. Another awesome source of amazing, exclusive, Freebies! You might want to go check out my store, and while you are there register for the newsletter. It's quick, it's easy, it's free.

And, seriously, in this day & age of crashing economies, who doesn't love free? Btw, a thought I had as I dug into my paypal account for some desperately needed photoshop brushes, digi-scrapping is the way to go. I mean, once you buy the kit you can use it over & over & over. Not like the paper scrapping kits where once you use it, it's gone. A digi-kit lives forever! A great way to make our dollars stretch while our belts tighten.

Um, that was this little Piggy's musings for the day, LOL, off to bed I go. Scrap happy folks!

Pssssssssst.... to go to my store, click here. And, of course, a little close-up viewing of the Debut kit:


Blake and Hollie said...

I can't keep up! You doing so many things. You are like Wonder Woman. I wish I knew how to digiscrap. I just love the colors you use.

Anonymous said...

Your "Debut" kit is beautiful - have added it to my wishlist!

Thanks very much for sharing these gorgeous "Debut" quick pages.

Best of wishes to you and your new store!