Friday, March 12, 2010

Need some Designers!

This one I am coordinating for a woman outside of theStudio. I just got the greenlight from the lady in charge at the benefitting organization so this will be open to Designers outside of theStudio. Please let me know if you know any Designers interested! Or send them here:

For all the volunteer Designers to come together & create a beautiful Charity Kit to benefit the Hug-A-Hero foundation... and all the children of soldiers they help.

Theme: Little Hero's

Palette: see more in Yahoo group; Photo's for jpg, Files for Photoshop Swatch

Contribution: Any size welcome, but try to limit to 2-4 papers, 5-8 elements.
Email zip files to: Subject: HugAHero
Previews: Upload under Photos (in Yahoo Group)
TOU's: Don't forget to include your TOU's!

This kit is for all the little ones waiting at home while Daddy, or Mommy, is deployed & far, far away overseas. I want this kit to focus on happy memories, love, family time & togetherness. A slightly soft look, definitely a happy look, and from the child's perspective. Think of things a child remembers best about Dad, think of things kids like to do, like to share or even say.

This does not need to be a military kit. This kit will be for everyone, only the proceeds will go to benefit the HugAHero charity, and, therefore, children of American soldiers

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hutchie said...

As a wife of a US Army Solider I think it is fabulous you are working with Hug A Hero! My husband has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan 4 times. So, Thank you!