Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Welcome Kit at SAS!

I almost don't need to type here... but I will. I am me after all. I thought that with SAS coming under new ownership (uh, me, LOL) that it needed a new Welcome to SAS kit as well! I've mentioned how much I love Stone Accents Studio many times, and I've mentioned it's because of the people there. The Designers, the CT, the scrappers.

This gorgeous kit is just proof positive why it's such a warm & fuzzy place because the Designers got together to create this beauty to share with all y'all! It is a wonderful representation of their work and a shining example of the teamwork at our store. We hope all of you out in scrapland enjoy it!


Amberpony Creates said...

Oh Boy A New Welcome Kit for a New Beginning!!!!
I am So Excited!!!!

sdwrdt said...

thank you! this is beautiful!

LindaJD said...

Thanks for the Gorgeous Welcome Kit and for keepin SAS Alive!! yay!