Sunday, December 7, 2008

Big Announcement

Hello blogworld! Thank you all for your kinds words, comments, emails and prayers. It helps enormously each time another little bit of love comes streaming across the bandwidth. Amazing that it does, but it really does. Tomorrow is our big day and, for now, I'm leaving it at that.
In other big Piggy news, another store has taken me on as a Designer! Tamara & the gang over at Scrappy Thoughts has welcomed me with open arms and I'm pleased as punch to add them to my roster. Or is it they add me to their roster? Either way....... Wooooooooohooooooo!
To celebrate I've done a brandnew kit just for Scrappy Thoughts. Of course, it being the time of year and all, it's a Christmas one. I did try to break out of the mold a little & give it a slightly different color palette and some fun & quirky elements. Let me know if I succeeded.
There are 12 lightly-textured papers in reds, greens, browns and my favorite Piggy blue. The fabulous texture came from Tamara's own overlay (Freebie to found here)! I did some cozy plaids and to really get in the Christmas spirit, because Christmas to me is flannely pj's and cuddly quilts, I did a couple of quilted papers and tons of quilted ornaments!
To round out all the happy fun I added some quirky ornament frames, complete with little toppers and some sequin sparkly swirls (thank you Deb of Scrappin' Cop fame). Of course no kit is complete with out bows, ribbons, and some reindeer journaling notes. So I added those in too.
So run on over to Scrappy Thoughts and check it on out! And while you're there check out the beautiful work of A+ Designs, In A Fog, KittyCat Design, Meetje Designs, Moon Designs, SandraK Designs and, of course, TotallyD Designs!

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