Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Just a quick little update, quick, because I'm in sunny California! And in about 1/2 hour I'll be in the car driving up to my son's college. Where I'll see my beautiful baby boy for the first time in two months! A very long two months. It's a cruel system where when you do your job well the birdy gets up & flies out of the nest far, far away. Sucks big time. Though it really helps that my boy is completely & totally loving college life and couldn't be happier.

LO by Ladyofthethorns, using my kit Debut Blueer

I wanted to mentioned that the SAS Cast Party is continuing! All the freebies by all the Design Contestants are still up & available for anyone that wants them. Mine can be found below, just click here if you need to... the rest are in the Cast Party "room" found here.

LO by MarilynG
, using my kit Falling into Fall

Also, in case you missed it, and in case you already have all the marvelous Cast Party freebies... the SAS newsletter came out yesterday. Also chock full off goodies, many of them freebies! Run on over & take a gander.

LO by Jose
, using my kit Falling into Fall

And last, but most certainly not least a big, huge, shoutout thank you to the wonderful CT members creating gorgeous LO's with my kits newly in my new store. I love seeing my designs come to life and it makes me long for some nice, quiet days scrappin'... not enough to give up the chance to go see #1 son, but enough that there's a niggling craving somewhere in my brain.

Thanks girls, you make me look good!

LO by Jose, using my kit Debut

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