Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy, busy post (scroll down for the freebie at the bottom LOL)

LOL getting tired of my Stone Accents Studio's post... bummer! I'm in Round Three & it's all just been submitted & ready for voting. I do, however, have some pity on y'all. Even those of you who don't feel like registering over there to download all the absolutely AMAZING kits the final contestants have compiled. For those of you who haven't registered (well, really, for anyone LOL) there's a freebie at the bottom. Go click on it & download away. For the rest...

It is week three at Stone Accents Studio (SAS) Next Designer Contest. This week the contest revolved around a palette of mochas & browns. I again struggled with these colors LOL. The theme was heritage/genealogy. I struggled with that too. As someone who has 50+ first cousins I gave up on tracking our heritage a long time ago (ever try to fill out one of those charts?). But once I got into it was fun & I did come up with some cool stuff that required new tricks on my part. Yay! The old dog learned new tricks!

As per last week, the download links are listed on my entry at Stone Accents Studio and will remain only there until the end of the contest on October 1. However, registering is completely FREE! And not only do you get access to download my full Family Tree kit previewed above, you also get access to all the other designers full kits. FREE!

In the meantime, what my kit contains:

15 papers
  • 5 plain-ish papers (there's some texture & stuff imbedded)
  • 11 patterned papers
24 Elements (counting all 4 photocorners as 1 element... they're all exactly the same)
  • 1 big, stitched bow
  • 3 smaller velvet bows
  • 1 distressed stamp/flourish
  • 1 pocketwatch sticker
  • 4 gold filigree photo corners
  • 1 journaling tag
  • 1 gold filigree doodad
  • 1 cluster wrapped frame
  • 3 other frames
  • 2 flowers
  • 1 charmed border
  • 1 torn & curled border
  • 1 frazzled border
  • 1 high-wheel bike border
  • 1 antique gold chain
  • 1 cameo
  • 1 oak tree "Family Tree" silhouette
  • 2 word arts:
"Memories of Family"
"Remember YOU Remember ME Remember FAMILY"

  • 1 quickpage shown above, designed for my immediate family

Please note that all my designs are 300 dpi and sized for 12X12 digital scrapping needs. Unless specifically listed, none of the files come with drop shadows seen in the preview. And, as always now, please leave me comments, suggestions, helpful hints or thank you's! I'd also love to see any LO's done with my designs.

And, please, if you can, go VOTE FOR ME, link will be up Monday at 6, CST. (my design is: Family Tree ---- Piggyscraps) over at Stone Accents Studio.

FINALLY! Geeeez this is a novel... my freebie: Family Tree Wrapped Frames (set of 3)

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Nani said...

I love the wrapped frames!

You did such a great job with that palette! And you did a fantastic job stretching out of the box to accommodate a theme that isn't...well wasn't yours until you took ownership of it! It's a great kit! The quick page is fabulous!

If any of your readers aren't voting because they aren't SAS members, come on guys! It's free to join and you get access to 18 great kits in this style. With a theme and colors palette the same on all of them, it's like a GIANORMOUS Mega Kit! Worth the couple minutes it takes to join alone!

And after you take the couple minutes to join and while you're waiting for all of your kits to download, stop by and vote for "Family Tree" by PiggyScraps!!