Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Boy FREEBIE: Sailing Away

I'm going to try to explain how my mind works. Because. I'm laying in bed a couple of nights ago, really hoping to sleep, when my 6-year-old daughter pipes up:

"Oh no! Where did it go!" I hear this because A) she's kinda loud; and B) she's sleeping with me that night. Because, DH is traveling and she gets to sleep with me, and the baby, when he travels. Turns out the "it" is the shark tooth she mined at Gem Mining earlier that day.

Gem Mining, for those of you not in the know, is like panning for gold. But for gems. You get a bucket of sand. You get a sifter. There's a sluice of water. Swirl. Tada! Gems. Unless you get the bucket of sea gravel. Then, tada! Shark's teeth. Very cool activity. I digress...

My darling daughter had placed her precious sharks tooth under her pillow in the desperate hope the tooth fairy would mistake it for one of her teeth and leave some money. At almost 7 she doesn't even have a loose tooth. The only one in her class. It is the bane of her existence. So much so she tried to fool the tooth fairy with a shark's tooth.

What does this have to do with digital scrapbooking? Well. I was, after my foray into boys kits, going back to my purpley-girly one. But sharks teeth got me thinking ocean. Comments had me thinking boys. And next thing I know I come up with another boy kit. Sharks just aren't very cute to me though, so while there's a fish, it's more of a sailing kit.

So whether you are looking for some elements for a boating trip, a sailing ride, a fishing excursion or just a maritime museum tour (I did one once you know), I hope this kit floats your boat. Introducing my newest12-piece mini kit, another FREEBIE: Sailing Away

  • 4 boy-colored papers,
  • 3 sailing doodles
  • 1 word doodle
  • 4 photo corners
Please note that unless specifically listed, none of the files come with drop shadows seen in the preview. And, as always now, please leave me comments, suggestions, helpful hints or thank you's! I'd also love to see any LO's done with my designs.

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